Corporate Sponsorship

Raising awareness for a cause

As a business, not only will your support of a charity help raise it funds, but it will also bring awareness of its work to those that may need its help. A RunnyHoney campaign in support of your chosen charitable organisation is guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of your customers as well as act as a showcase for your own product or services.

RNLI spin wheel fundraising promotion example
Image of possible prizes

Prizes should make a splash

Whilst 64% of people have donated to charity in the past year (according to NPT UK), our research shows that promotions with aspirational prizes attract 3 x bigger donations. This does not mean to say that prizes have to cost a lot of money, but it does mean they must be desirable and appeal to a target demographic.  An opportunity to experience something unique, meet an inspirational figure, or learn a skill from a expert is preferable to a prize which has a high monetary value.  To ensure that all promotions comply with the CAP code, we require that prizes are secured prior to go-live and our legal team approve the competition terms.

Our promotions are designed to capture attention

RNLI spin wheel fundraising promotion example

Getting your message across

Design is at the heart of any RunnyHoney promotion. Our design team work with you to ensure the imagery and text speak to the intended audience and effectively communicates how entering the promotion and donating can help make a difference.  

people in Helly Hansen clothing

Brand promotion

We understand that there is a clear balance between raising awareness and funds for your chosen charity and  promoting your own brand and products. We strive to work with you to ensure we get this balance right.  We offer different programs for how we work with you in creating the campaign. This often depends on your own in-house resources and the promotional potential of the campaign itself.  To learn more, please register your interest via the link below.

Let’s fun[d]raise together.

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