Gamified fun[d]raising

A platform helping raise funds for good causes through fun interactive promotions like
scratch cards, spin wheels and more.

Expand your fundraising appeal

Fun interactive promotions with prizes will increase the number of potential donors to a cause beyond the typical target demographic. RunnyHoney makes it easier than ever to create campaigns that engage new audiences and open up new fundraising potential.

Incentivise giving using fun interactive games and contests.

Our platform offers a diverse library of promotion types that can easily be customised to support any fundraising campaign. There are games of chance such as scratch cards and spin wheels, as well as skill based quizzes and photo or video contests. What’s more, we offer attractive opportunities for businesses to support good causes through prize sponsorships whilst also promoting their own business.

photo of many hands together with red paint making a heart shape

Now is the right time to help good causes raise the funds they need to make a difference.

Damian Dutton – Co-Founder & CEO of

Charity Resources

Charities and Covid19

Discover how charities are reacting to the pandemic and how it is affecting giving.

Insight & Inspiration

A hub for finance, governance, funding, fundraising insight to help your charity reach its goals.

Political Impact

Keep up-to-date on the impact of government and world politics on the charity. Provided by our friends at CAF

Let’s fun[d]raise together.

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